As a pioneer in the eSIM marketplace, Airalo is arguably the biggest eSIM provider, offering mobile data plans via downloadable eSIM at affordable prices in over 200+ countries. In this review, we’ll examine their credentials to see just how good they are.

  • 4G LTE network coverage in over 190+ countries and six regions.
  • 5G coverage where available.
  • Comprehensive local, regional, and global eSIM plans.
  • Hello, Africa plan with access in 26 countries.
  • A well-designed website and app for iPhone/iOS and Android devices.
  • Affordable price points and simple top-ups.
  • Helpful blog with tons of travel tips for international travelers and digital nomads
  • Airalo’s online chat and customer service system are not best-in-class.
  • No unlimited or family plans.
  • Limited SMS and phone call options

Who is Airalo?

Airalo, founded in 2019 by Bahadir Ozdemir (CEO) and Abraham Burak (COO), is a Mobile Virtual Network operator (MVNO) and the self-proclaimed ‘world’s first eSIM store’. It boasts the widest range of eSIM data plans available globally.

In a few short years, it has enjoyed rapid growth attracting $7.3 million in Seed and Series A funding and over 2 million active users.

Airalo is a market leader, with mobile network providers like AT&T, Vodafone O2, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

With a global team of over 100 individuals from 20+ countries and six continents, Airalo has successfully simplified the use of eSIM technology. Its strong social media presence and unique brand identity have contributed to its popularity.

The company says they’re here to ‘liberate’ us from roaming limits.

Let’s find out if they do that!

How does eSim work?

In 2023, eSIMs are shaking up the mobile SIM card game. Rather than a physical card inserted into your device, an eSIM is a digital SIM card wired directly into the motherboard of your device.

As a result, it’s a breeze to change your mobile plan through a software update —without ever having to swap out your SIM physically. Switching between data plans and carriers anywhere in the world is convenient, and millions seem to agree.
With new eSIM-compatible devices being manufactured every day and a projected addressable market of 2.2 billion devices by 2024, eSIM technology is rewriting the rules of mobile connectivity!

Key Features of Airalo

  • 190+ single-country coverage.
  • Regional plans for Africa, Asia, Caribbean Islands, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa. I
  • “Hello, Africa” plan, offering market-leading regional coverage.
  • Access to 84 countries with an Airalo Global Plan.
  • Multiple eSIMs can be held in your account for easy switching.

How do I buy & activate an Airalo eSIM plan?

To purchase and activate an Airalo plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Choose your destination package.
  3. Select the data and time amount you desire.
  4. Confirm your payment method.
  5. Install your eSIM by following the on-screen prompts. You can also install your eSIM manually by following the details on the setup screens or by scanning a QR code using another device.
  6. Label your eSIM, and select it as either your primary or secondary SIM.
  7. Activate your eSIM.

The app and website also have a helpful guide if you encounter difficulties.

📱 How do I know if my device is compatible with Airalo?

Airalo publishes a list of compatible phone models and devices here.

Airalo: the user experience

Airalo has worked hard to create one of the best onboarding experiences in the market. The Airalo app and website make purchasing and setting up an eSIM exceptionally simple, and much of the jargon that could confuse a first-time buyer has been removed.
Navigating, searching, and exploring is fluid and intuitive, and app navigation is a one and two-tap process.
The Airalo app supports 20 languages, simplifying communication across cultures and borders, and the most common questions are well addressed in the app’s help section. Customer support is available 24/7 if you encounter any difficulties.

It’s a compelling offering. A wide range of data plans, competitive pricing, and ease of use— all designed to usher customers into a new age of borderless mobile connectivity.

How well does it work?

Purchase and setup were extremely simple, and we activated a 7-day plan on an iOS device without an issue.
Airalo promises a 4G LTE connection whenever available and, in some (limited) destinations, 5G.
We did experience the connection switching to 3G a few times, but in general, the eSIM offered the speeds Airalo promised.
These comfortably allow all common tasks, such as email, web browsing, listening to music, and watching videos, to be performed without difficulty.

How much data can I purchase?

The amount of data you can buy varies by country, but Airalo’s single-country plans offer data in the following tiers:

  • 1GB of data available for seven days.
  • 2 GB of data available for 15 days.
  • 3 GB of data available for 30 days.
  • 5 GB of data available for 30 days.
  • 10 GB of data available for 30 days.
  • 20 GB of data available for 30 days.

💰 How much does it cost?

Airalo promises “affordable pricing,” and comparing them versus their competition bears out their commitment to competitive rates.

  • An Airalo 7-day, 1 GB plan for the UK using the O2 and Three networks costs US $5.
  • A 1 GB UK plan from Airalo’s competitor Simtex will also cost US $5— but you only have three days to use the data.
  • FlexiRoam’s UK offering beats both, providing 1 GB of data at US $5 and eight days to use it.

Airalo’s pricing is highly affordable, but it isn’t always the cheapest. If you’re looking to save on data charges and shop for the cheapest eSIM deals, check out our site for the cheapest packages.

Review: Airelo: eSIMS for seamless travel

With so many options bundled into the service, it helps to pick out a few of the most appealing.

Advantages of choosing Airalo include:

  1. Hassle-free travel:
    Airalo offers a range of eSIMs to fit your travel needs, from local plans for over 190+ destinations to regional packs for popular regions and a global plan for 84 countries.
    Choose from 5 global plans with data allowances ranging from 1 GB to 20 GB, all valid for periods from 7 to 180 days.
  2. Wide range of packages
    Airalo offers the largest range of packages in the industry, divided into the following categories:
    • Local eSIMs:
      Single Country plans are available to over 190+ destinations.
    • Regional eSIMs:
      Regional data packs offering access to countries in the following regions:
      • Africa
      • Asia
      • Caribbean Islands
      • Europe
      • Latin America,
      • Middle East and North Africa.
    • Global eSIMs:
      Five plans offering one-purchase access to 84 countries,
  3. Connect to a local network.
    With Airalo, you’re connected to a local network the moment you touch down, so you don’t have to set up a new SIM or drive yourself crazy trying to gain access to the airport’s flaky WiFi.
  4. Multiple eSIMs:
    Store multiple eSIMs in your account through the Airalo app, allowing you to switch eSIMs by selecting and activating them.
  5. Airmoney Credits:
    Airalo rewards you with ‘Airmoney’ credits for every eSIM you buy. You can use these credits for discounts on future purchases.

Single Country Plans:

Airalo offers eSIMs for a wide range of countries, from Afghanistan to Vietnam. Due to the extensive list, providing a full list here would be impractical.

Instead, click this link and filter by “Local eSIMS.”

To check coverage for your desired destination, scroll down and select “show 190+ countries”.

Regional eSIMS

Airalo provides six regional plans, comprising 22 data packages. The plans vary in duration, ranging from 7 to 180 days.

Hello Africa:
20 countries included
1 GB – 3 GB option —valid for 30 days
💵 Cost: $27 for 1 GB and $59 for 3 GB

13 countries included
1 GB to 100 GB options —valid for 7 to 180 days.
💵 Cost: US $5-185

Caribbean Islands:
24 countries included
1 GB —valid for seven days
💵 Cost: US $15

39 countries included
1 GB -100 GB, valid 7 to 180 days
💵 Cost: US $5-185

Latin America:
19 countries included
1 GB-5 GB,—valid for 7-30 days
💵 Cost: US $ 15-60

Middle East and North Africa:
15 countries included
1GB to 3GB, good 7-30 days
💵 Cost: US $15-39

Global eSIMs

  • Roaming coverage in 84 countries
  • 1 GB to 20 GB plans —valid for 7-180 days.
  • Top-ups are available in the app.
  • 💵 Cost: US $9-89

Airalo data tiers;
Airalo offers the following data tiers: 1 GB, 2 GB, 2.5 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB, 20 GB, 50 GB, and 100 GB.
It should be noted that data amounts vary significantly across plans. You will need to check your specific plan to see what’s available.
It’s also important to note that plan pricing varies significantly by country, region, and destination. Some are more expensive than others.

How to manage your plan:
Once your plan is activated, it will show in the “My eSIMS” tab at the bottom of your app screen. Tapping this allows you to view the remaining data left on your plan and top up the plan with additional data.

Does Airalo offer deals or discounts?

Not on the website at the time of this review.
Airalo offers its customers the opportunity to earn credits via referral and Airmoney vouchers each time they transact in the store, but it was not running any obvious sale or discount promotion during the writing of this review.
Check the website for up-to-date information.
You may also find coupon discounts as promotions on various discount sites.

How do I top up my eSIM?

Topping up is a straightforward process if you’re using the Airalo app, but it’s not currently supported on the website.
To top up your plan, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “My eSIM” page.
  • Select the eSIM you want to add your data to.
  • Click on “Buy Top-up Packages.”
  • Select your data amount and payment method.
  • The data will be automatically added to your eSIM

Will I have a mobile number at my destination?

No. Airalo offers an extremely small number of plans with SMS and call functionality.
There is some indication they are exploring adding more, but currently, they recommend using services such as What’s App, Facetime, and Facebook Messenger for international calls and text messaging.

What is Airalo customer support like?

I reached out to Airalo’s customer service team using an online support form for more information in the writing of this review. I received a series of helpful responses.
I had a few gripes, mostly around the fact that the chatbot attempts to cycle you through a series of standard answers before it allows you to post a message. Also, the answer times for your question are sometimes multiple hours.
However, once Airalo contacts you, they are extremely helpful in trying to assist. I found their support and willingness to follow up very encouraging, which bodes well for the company as they continue to grow.

💬 Customer Reviews

Airalo has 72 reviews on the App Store, a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, and 9,351 reviews, indicating a very high level of customer satisfaction.
Here’s a sample:

I have to say I was dubious about this but asked a few questions via Instagram and had great replies from Airalo. In Thailand 48 hours and since I switched to my Thailand eSim via Airalo the signal and data has been brilliant! Really really pleased so far! Thank you ⭐️ 📱

Jamie on Trustpilot

A delighted customer shares their fantastic experience with Airalo, praising it as the easiest, most useful, and cost-effective option for international travel. They express their relief at no longer needing local SIM cards or changing numbers for communication with family and friends while abroad. The customer highly recommends Airalo for its excellent service.

I bought Airalo Japan for 30 days although I traveled less than 30 days but more than 7 days. When I turned the line on, I got no data! I contacted Airalo support through email not knowing whether I got response or not.
I got response half a day later through email. Airalo support listed out everything I should do. I did everything except turning roaming on. Once I turned roaming on, I got data in Tokyo. Airalo support asked all my destinations in Japan outside of Tokyo. I went to very remote areas and I got connection with no problem. Airalo support continuously followed up with me through email for several days. I felt I had great support even for a very low tech person like me. I am very grateful that Airalo eSim worked so well in Japan. I appreciate the excellent level of support. I hope Airalo will work for other countries as well.
Thank you Airalo.

Trang on Trustpilot


Having taken the time to test Airalo eSIMs, we can confidently recommend them to anyone needing an eSIM service that gives them easy access to a wide variety of international travel destinations.
Replacing the need to swap out physical SIM cards in your mobile device is a no-brainer, leaving you with one less thing to worry about on your international trip.

Avoiding the hassle of airport and hotel WiFI is a godsend—and nobody will be crying any tears at missing out on expensive roaming phone plans!

Airalo offers the widest range of international eSIM and prepaid data plans in the market, and its success is built on its ability to simplify the mobile data travel experience.
Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, Airalo’s local, regional, and global plans offer an affordable solution even in countries with an expensive LTE network.

The Airalo app is perfect for the nomadic travel lifestyle, providing reliable service for a couple of days in places like Hong Kong or North America.”