Are you planning a trip to Japan soon? If so, one of the first things you’ll need is a reliable mobile plan for your stay. You don’t want to end up with no internet! Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting you think – let us help! We’ve done the research and scoped out the best eSims on offer so that can take advantage of all they have to offer while keeping your roaming costs in check. Who would’ve thought getting connected could be so stress-free!

We’ve compared over 20 providers, and you’ll find our 3 best recommendations below!

What is an eSim? How do I install an eSim? What phones support eSim? Do I get a phone number? Is it 4G? 5G?
Quick List of the 4 Best eSim Providers

Best user experience, lots of options

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Over 30,000 positive reviews on App stores. The world's first and largest eSIM store. Tier 1 networks and great prices.

Low prices, great coverage, great customer experience.

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Lowest per GB prices. Coverage in over 100 countries, amazing customer experience.

3 Time Winner "World's Best Travel SIM Provider"
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3 Time Winner "World's Best Travel SIM Provider"
Israel based eSim provider serving 190 countries
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Israel based eSim provider serving 190 countries

For a more detailed look at the best providers, read on:

The best of the best: Nomad

Ready for an adventure without breaking the bank? Look no further than Nomad, who offer some of the best and most affordable Japan travel packages around at only $2.40 per GB! With their stellar customer service, total convenience and amazing experiences, you can be sure to have a truly memorable journey all while saving money! So don’t hesitate – give Nomad a try and get ready to embark on your next exciting adventure!

From $1.70/GB


Low prices, great coverage, great customer experience.

Best user experience: Airalo

Travelling with Airalo ensures you a stress-free and wallet-friendly experience. This Singapore eSIM provider is one of the first companies to offer this service, giving you your much needed peace of mind during travels. The icing on the cake? They are associated with major telecom giants like T-Mobile and AT&T in the USA, thereby further strengthening their already established credibility. So if you’re ever fretting over expensive comms fees during your global trips, Airalo has got you covered! Get ready for a smooth take off whenever and wherever with Airalo!

From $1.30/GB


Best user experience, lots of options

For people on a budget: Simtex

If you’ve been itching to explore Japan but are on a budget, RedteaGO is here to make all your dreams come true! This ingenious app-based system provides affordable international roaming fees that anyone can access, no matter their tech skills. What’s more, it’s incredibly user friendly so you won’t have to worry about figuring out pesky SIM cards – it’ll be a breeze! Now that we have an effective money-saver in our corner, it’s time to heed the call of adventure and explore all that the incredible Japan has to offer. With Flexiroam as your sidekick, your dream vacation is just around the corner!

From $16/GB
High price due to only 5GB package availability

Huge network of partners. Great prices.

🀨 Unsure? Here are some frequently asked questions – answered!

What is an eSim (for Japan)?

An eSIM is an incredibly convenient way for travelers to stay connected when abroad. With no need for a physical card, it’s just a case of scanning a QR code and you’re all set. Not only is this incredibly stress-free, but with so many providers available offering great deals for those travelling in Japan, it could take the hassle out of roaming charges too. Take your time to research which provider offers the best value for you and make sure you benefit from avoiding expensive rates!

How do I install an eSim (for Japan travel)?

Here’s an example, you just need to check your emails and scan a QR code.

Which phones support eSims in the Japan?

Almost all cellphones phones made after 2019 support eSims, but you can check out our full list here.

Will I get a phone number? How much data can I get in the Japan? Does it use 3G, 4G or 5G?

Researching into different packages and providers can be the difference between a great phone experience or a substandard one, but with so many telecom options available, it can often feel daunting! That’s why it is important to really dig into what each service offers. It may be that you only need a text or calling package and don’t require any data. Or, perhaps you are looking for multiple devices on the same plan. Always ensure that your understanding of the package is clear; most providers have separate packages for SMS/phone and data – don’t forget to include this detail when selecting your plan as many data plans do not come with an included phone number. Take the time to research thoroughly – now more than ever you’re spoilt for choice!

Conclusion – Japanese eSims

Are you planning a trip to Japan? Don’t worry about figuring out how you can stay in contact while abroad – get an eSIM deal and never think twice. You will no longer have to struggle with finding free Wi-Fi hotspots, or hunting down local SIM cards; instead, you’ll be able to access your data plan wherever you go. With your eSIM, you can keep in touch with your loved ones from around the world using video chat and stay connected throughout your travels. Stop worrying about how you’ll make calls when abroad and get your eSIM deal today for uninterrupted international communication!