Letztes Update: März 2023

Sie suchen nach dem besten eSim für Reisen in die USA? Wir haben über 20 Premium-eSim-Anbieter und -Pakete überprüft und die besten ausgewählt. Im Folgenden beantworten wir auch die häufigsten Fragen zu eSims.

What is an eSim? How do I install an eSim? What phones support eSim? Do I get a phone number? Is it 4G? 5G?
Quick List of the 4 Best eSim Providers

Best user experience, lots of options

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Over 30,000 positive reviews on App stores. The world's first and largest eSIM store. Tier 1 networks and great prices.

Low prices, great coverage, great customer experience.

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Lowest per GB prices. Coverage in over 100 countries, amazing customer experience.

3 Time Winner "World's Best Travel SIM Provider"
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3 Time Winner "World's Best Travel SIM Provider"
Israel based eSim provider serving 190 countries
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Israel based eSim provider serving 190 countries

If you’re looking to dive deeper and compare the best packages these companies have to offer, take a look at our more detail review below.

Our recommendation (best value): Nomad

Nomad has one of the most incredible mobile plans on the market right now. This plan offers 20GB of data in the United States for a low price of $34. The amount of data you get for such a low price is its best advantage as it amounts to a great Price/Gb of only $1.70. This is the lowest price per GB anywhere. But there are many other packages if you want a shorter time period or more/less data.

Wir haben Nomad selbst in Florida ausprobiert und waren von unserer Geschwindigkeit begeistert – wir hatten keine Probleme, uns nahtlos in Tier-1-Anbietern zu bewegen. Mit solch einem fantastischen Angebot empfehlen wir dieses 30-Tage-Prepaid-Plan für all Ihre Datenbedürfnisse!

Low prices, great coverage, great customer experience.


Lowest per GB prices. Coverage in over 100 countries, amazing customer experience.

Best user experience: Airalo

Airalo is a Singapore based eSIM provider that offers great travel plans for hundreds of exciting destinations. What sets Airalo apart is their user experience as the website and app are incredibly well designed, making it easy to purchase an eSIM plan. Additionally, Airalo has superb roaming agreements with Tier 1 telecom providers, such as T-Mobile and AT&T networks in the US.

We especially love Airalo’s “Change” plans which come in three different versions with varying amounts of data – 10GB ($26.00), 5GB ($16.00) and 3GB ($11.00). If you’re looking for a decent amount of data while keeping things relatively cheap, consider browsing through their range of affordable eSIM plans today!

One of the most established and reliable companies in the eSim Market.
Over 30,000 positive reviews on App stores. The world's first and largest eSIM store. Tier 1 networks and great prices.

For people on a budget: Flexiroam

Not the best user experience, or customer support, but good prices is Flexiroam. We recommend them if you’re looking for a cheaper option.

Flexiroam is an eSIM provider based in Malaysia that offers global data plans for various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Their eSIMs can provide connectivity in over 150 countries, and users can easily manage their data plans through the Flexiroam X mobile app.

Great low prices, budget provider

🤨 Unsure? Here are some frequently asked questions – answered!

What is an eSim (for USA)?

With an eSIM, there’s no physical card necessary – making the experience of setting up your mobile device easier than ever. What sets it apart is that you don’t need to insert a SIM into your phone; instead, it can be conveniently downloaded directly in just moments – usually just by scanning a QR code, the eSim is activated!
You can buy eSims now from around 20-30 providers, some packages are specific to certain countries, but you can also buy regional eSims, for Asia, Americas, Europe etc. In this article we cover USA specific eSims.

How do I install an eSim (for USA travel)?

Usually it’s as easy as buying it and scanning a QR code from your email. Here’s an example:

Which phones support eSims in the USA?

Almost all phones made after 2019 support eSims, but you can check out our full list here.

Will I get a phone number? How much data can I get in the USA? Does it use 3G, 4G or 5G?

Choosing the right package is key when it comes to eSims. There are options for everything!

Whether you want a phone number or just data, USA eSims provide packages with anywhere from 500MB up to 20GB of data – giving you plenty of options!

Aber das ist noch nicht alles – je nach gewähltem Plan und Netzverfügbarkeit vor Ort können auch 5G-Geschwindigkeiten für eine noch schnellere Verbindung verfügbar sein. Stellen Sie also sicher, dass Sie vor dem Eintauchen in die kabellose Freiheit überprüfen, was Ihren Bedürfnissen entspricht!

Should you use local companies or eSim providers?

If you want the best service and reception available in the United States, it’s better to get a SIM card or travel eSIM from local mobile operators. As a direct customer of the mobile operator, you’ll have higher priority on the network and won’t have to deal with latency. With most travel eSIMs, you’ll be roaming on the network(s) of local mobile operators.

However, some mobile operators throttle speeds for prepaid customers to encourage more people to get postpaid plans. Travelers cannot get postpaid plans, but they can avoid throttling by using a travel eSIM. In fact, travel eSIMs sometimes offer faster speeds than native prepaid customers due to throttling.

Viele amerikanische Mobilfunkanbieter bieten eSIMs für Prepaid-Kunden an, aber die Kaufprozesse können langsam und bürokratisch sein. Airalo (Change eSIM), Holafly & Nomad sind jedoch zuverlässige Optionen für den Erwerb von eSIMs. Obwohl ReiseeSIMs möglicherweise teurer sind als lokale Optionen, bieten sie eine größere Bequemlichkeit.

These companies all have great service, check out our reviews for more details on what they’re like.

Conclusion – USA eSims

Die USA ist nicht das Land, in dem Sie die günstigsten Prepaid-Datentarife erhalten. Das heißt, einige eSIM-Anbieter können eSIM-Pläne zu einem angemessenen Preis anbieten, ohne Sie zu ruinieren. Uns gefallen die Produkte von Nomad, Simtex und Airalo.

Have a look, and pick whichever suits your needs best.